In Person Sunday Service resumes at St. Johns UCC on February 28th, 2021 at 11:00am.

Please remember that if you do choose to attend we encourage social distancing, wearing a mask and participating only as you are comfortable and feel safe doing so. If you are of a certain age or have medical conditions that put you at risk I encourage you to stay at home and participate via live streaming on Facebook. As always your safety is our primary concern.

We will also continue to live stream on Facebook and post on both congregations Facebook page

Come and join us, virtually or in person as we continue our journey together.

St. James at 9 AM Sundays from the St. James Facebook page.

And posted on St. John’s Facebook.

Suspension of Church Services

Sunday Church Services are currently suspended until further notice. This will be reviewed each month and any changes will be posted to website. You may attend Sunday Service at St. James at 9am on Sunday. Service at St. James will be live streamed and posted to Facebook.

Christmas Service at 4pm on December 24th is also cancelled. You may attend service at St. James on Christmas Eve at 7pm.

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